How to Study for Your Sat Test or Fall/Spring Exam?

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There is nothing more creepy than a midterm or final exam. Writing short essays or solving case studies is nothing compared to dealing with prep exam or sat test headache. First, you must to know how long is the sat test? Second, it involves repeating all studied material. Third, a failure will have a great negative impact on your final grade. It will be hard to fix it, so it’s better to get ready for the heavy times with these useful hints.

  1. Calm down and relax. Yap, it might sound senseless, but you won’t remember a word without having your brain relaxed. When nervous, you want to eat, play games, watch some movies – in other words, do whatever except for any activities that require your full attention, memory, and concentration. That is why it is impossible to start reading your textbook without this very easy step. Just don’t take it as tomorrow will be the last day of your life!

Panic reduces the abilities of our brain, including the most important function required for your big test – memory. Start taking deep and long breaths (perhaps, hyperventilate), and think that you can do this. Besides, you need to take short breaks every 10-15 minutes to renew your brains.

  1. Study in advance. If you make such a responsible decision, there is nothing to worry about. We would recommend even something better: try to listen to every lecture attentively and scan your class notes every evening. In this way, sat test preparation will be nothing else than the recall of previous study material.
  2. Exercise more. Not only your mental health matter – scientists proved that physical shape has a direct influence on the brain activity and capabilities during the examination. The university of Illinois has presented the results of the study that show up to 20 minutes of a walk before your test can improve overall academic performance. Thus, don’t ever doubt the efficiency of your PE lessons.
  3. Speak out loud. Doing everything quietly is the worst thing when getting ready for the test. You will memorize only half of the material, by skipping some details. Those same researchers led by Dr. Chuck Hillman proved that you are twice more likely to remember great volumes of study materials if you keep repeating it with your voice. But, of course, this advice is not for a crowded library or another public place.
  4. Make a challenge out of it. The point is you never get anything in return when getting high grades. But you can try to train yourself. For your motivation, pick something you like eating or drinking most of all. It can be anything from a cookie to bubble gum. You can set own benchmark and grading system. For instance, for every studied chapter you can have your cherry or chocolate cookie (but no more than one!) Ask your parents r friend to help with avoiding temptation and checking your skills.
  5. Mindmap is a clue. There is no wonder most of the teens today are visualists. Of course, there are still some students who perceive information when reading or hearing best of all, but the associative images always help. A so-called mind map is a great tool to match all ideas by reproducing a visual overview of what you have to memorize. At the same time, you will improve your general literacy and creativity. Draw some diagrams or graphs if you understand things better when observing them graphically.
  6. No more ads! While studying online, you may be regularly disturbed by various online commercials, especially when you do not have a pre-set Ad Block. This program does not allow ads to distract you from researching your topic. There is a pack of relevant applications that you can download to your PC, laptop, or mobile device to prepare for your exam at any time and any place. After all, Wi-Fi connection is not a problem today.

As we can see, there is nothing that prevents you from getting ready for your Fall or Spring exam!